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5lb Raw Shelled Georgia Peanuts

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Our raw, shelled, Georgia peanuts are great for candy making! If you're looking to make peanut brittle, chocolate coated peanuts, roasted peanuts or any other snack calling for peanuts, you've come to the right place! Shelled peanuts are without the shell. Our 2lb and 5lb Georgia peanut bags come with recipes on the back for peanut brittle and roasted peanuts. The variety of our bagged Georgia peanuts are Georgia Runner Peanuts, which are a medium jumbo size, smaller than Virginia's and bigger than Spanish peanuts. Raw peanuts will not keep at room temperature, they need to be stored in refrigerator or freezer to maintain freshness, as well as keep out unwanted pests. Raw peanuts can contain salmonella so we do not recommend consuming raw peanuts. They should be fully roasted (cooked) to FDA standards before consumption. All of our peanut products are non-GMO. These are not green peanuts for boiling...at this time we do not sell green peanuts.

*We do not sell green peanuts for boiling.

*We do not sell peanuts in the shell.

Ingredients: Raw, shelled (out of the shell) peanuts with red husk, variety: Georgia Runner Peanuts (GA06G)