U-Pick Strawberries are CLOSED due to COVID-19. The Store, Playground, and Field are closed to the public. We currently offer curbside service for already picked strawberries, ice cream, slushies, or anything else in the store. Someone will come out into the parking lot to take your order and bring the strawberries out to you. The Jeep Show has been postponed, other events subject to reschedule as well.

U-Pick Grapes

U-Pick Grapes are over for 2019 season.

One of our newest additions to our South Georgia U-Pick farm are several varieties of grapes for U-Pick in late summer / early fall. Even though the plants are young, some of the varieties bloomed and now have green fruit! I will update the page later with the varieties that are ready as they come in!  Below are a few pictures of our grapes that have green (unripe) fruit on them! Stay tuned for updates!

U-Pick grapes south georgia farm

U-Pick Grapes South Georgia You Pick farm