C. A. Jones, "The Strawberry Man"


On April 01, 2005 we lost Charlie Jones, our father, father-in-law, and grandfather. 

He was most lovingly known by our customers at the strawberry field in Valdosta as the "strawberry man".  Since our opening, he helped us out at both our Enigma and Valdosta locations, whenever we needed him.  He was as much of a blessing to our business as he was to our family.  

He answered to many different names: Mr. Jones,  the strawberry man, Papa, Daddy and Charlie being a few of them.  But whatever name you knew him by, we guarantee his presence touched you in some way. 

He loved meeting, greeting, and chatting with the customers at the strawberry field.  He was paid in strawberries and gratitude, which meant that he either really loved strawberries, or he just enjoyed talking with the customers.  Even though he did love strawberries, we know it was the sense of helping out and the people that he met  and talked with that made it worthwhile for him.  He always had a kind word for everyone and was truly interested in what you had to say.   He will be greatly missed by our family, our business, and our customers.